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soy wax

. All candles are meticulously poured by hand, in Quebec City and made from 100% natural and ecological materials. Soy wax is 100% biodegradable and produces no soot or toxic smoke. In addition, its origin is 100% natural and washes very easily with soap and water; nothing could be simpler and above all, nothing more natural!

. The small white particles, discreet and sometimes visible on the product, are the guarantee of a natural wax, poured by hand. Soy wax, without any other additions, enhances the quality of the candles with elegant shapes and textures that add to the surrounding decor. A delight for the eyes!

. The choice of a cotton wick ensures a brighter, more scintillating flame and provides a better quality of burn.

burning stages

step one

. Be sure to place the candle on a container/plate that will collect the melted wax. This surface must withstand the heat.

step two

. Avoid placing dark-colored candles on pale, porous surfaces.

step three

. Before each use, trim the wick to 5mm; the more the flame is reduced, the more gently the combustion will take place.

step four

. Burn the candle for about 1 hour maximum per use. Always keep an eye on it when it burns.

step five

. For safety, place your candle out of the reach of children, pets and any object that may be fragile in the heat. Never leave a place where a candle is burning.